Welcome to This Unmillennial Life — The podcast that offers a roadmap through midlife for women who've fallen into a generational gap.


If your skin doesn’t know whether to break out or wrinkle, if you’re caught between planning the third grade class party and researching retirement plans, or if you want to workout but the idea of Crossfit makes your 40-something knees ache, THIS UNMILLENNIAL LIFE is here for you. It’s a podcast filled with stories, advice, and camaraderie to help women navigate this crazy (and crazy-good) season of life.

An avid social media user and multi-website owner, the show’s host Regan Jones knows all too well how easy it is to feel as if everything online is curated for women of a different generation.

“I was tired of seeing cliched portrayals of women I couldn’t relate to — either based on age or simply their station in life. I started This Unmillennial Life to give voice to the topics you'd chat about with your girlfriend over a glass of wine. It’s like the world forgot that not every woman is either a young millennial living a glam urban life OR her mother. The rest of us are out here in this generational gap and it’s time we talk about it!”