{blog bonus} Macro Counting – An IIFYM review, A Dietitian’s Perspective and Top Lessons Learned

Macro Counting – An IIFYM review, A Dietitian’s Perspective and Top Lessons Learned

A few years ago I stumbled into macro counting as an experiment via the popular online site, IIFYM. But after seeking the support of a fellow registered dietitian to learn more about the popular plan, macro counting quickly became a way of life for me — one that I’ve been embracing for more than two years now. The reason I originally tried IIFYM, what I learned from the experiment and most importantly, how macro counting actually helped me eat more, feel stronger and be happier in my body are detailed in today’s podcast, which is an audio version of the blog post I wrote about the experience. Click over to read the full text. ~Regan

I hope you enjoy the unique format of today’s show. While I don’t anticipate regularly bringing full length audio version of blog posts to the podcast, I felt this one was personal enough about my life that it warranted sharing… especially for those listeners who never visit the blog. If you have a topic you’d like to hear more about, let me know! Submit a show idea here, connect by leaving me a voicemail, tag or message me on social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) or email me at regan@thisunmillenniallife.com.

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