no. 134 – The POSTbiotics Episode

You’ve likely heard of pre- and probiotics, but the term “Postbiotics” may be less familiar. As a promising new tool to support immune health, postbiotics are unique. They aren’t actually “live active” organisms. Instead, postbiotics are beneficial “inactive” organisms. In this episode, we discuss both what postbiotics are and how they uniquely support overall immunity.


no. 132 – The Meal Sequencing Episode

Did you know the order you eat foods could impact how effectively your body utilizes it? Is when you eat as important as what you eat?

drugstore cleaner beauty recommendations

Drugstore Cleaner Beauty Buys

Interested in cleaner beauty products, but don’t want to break your budget? Here’s everything you need to know about drugstore cleaner beauty buys.

Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh at night

Things To Know About Scotland – a brief recap of a quick trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful city filled with lovely people. Here’s a brief recap of my quick trip there and a few key things to know about Scotland.

podcast about breast cancer genetics

no. 126 – The Breast Cancer Genetics Episode

One of the many decisions women often have to make when diagnosed with breast cancer is whether or not they want to test for breast cancer genetics. This episode discusses aspects affecting that decision, from cost, to insurance implications, future screenings, other cancer risk, and more.

no. 117 – The Rucking Episode

Not sure what Rucking is? This episode unpacks the What & Why behind this increasingly popular way to level up your daily walk. SHOW NOTES LINKS mentioned in the episode:


no. 106 – The Collagen Episode

This episode clears the air on what we do and don’t know about collagen, including what benefits are real, believed, or simply anecdotal.


no. 105 – The Rapunzel Project® Episode

The Rapunzel Project® is dedicated to raising awareness of the existence and efficacy of scalp cooling therapy.


no. 104 – The Scalp Cooling (Cold Capping) Episode [Part 2]

The second episode in a series on How To prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.