no. 103 – The Scalp Cooling (Cold Capping) Episode [Part 1]

How to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy tops the list of questions many women think about following a breast cancer diagnosis.


My Hair Loss During and After Cold Capping (Scalp Cooling)

(Update: The podcast series I promised in the post below has now been updated to include this episode – The Scalp Cooling (Cold Capping) Episode [Part 1]. You can listen here online or on whatever podcast app you usually listen to podcasts. Simply search for This Unmillennial Life.) Any day now I’ll be pressing PUBLISH…


Gifts For Someone Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Going Through Chemo and/or Radiation

A gift giving guide for women diagnosed with breast cancer based on my personal experience.

no. 99 – The {full length} Breast Cancer Diagnosis

no. 99 – The {full length} Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Which flours have the most fiber?

Which flours have the most fiber?

When the whole wheat flour you normally choose is no longer available, you may be wondering which other flour has the most fiber. Here’s the answer.

Alaska 2015 Recap

Visiting Alaska with Kids – A Day-by-Day, One Week Itinerary

I’ve been to Alaska with kids 3 times. There are lots of great memories to be made above the lower 48. Here’s what you need to know before you go!

kids and mount rushmore

Tips for taking a road trip with kids

Think of planning a road trip with kids this summer? Before you go, there are a few things you need to know. Check out these tips!

Best Oil For Baking ReganJonesRDN

What’s the best oil for baking?

This post is sponsored by the United Soybean Board through Kitchen PLAY. When I first started testing recipes professionally more than 20 years ago, I had A LOT to learn. Sure, I was a more savvy baker than your average 23-year-old. My grandmother made sure of that with her years of teaching me the difference…

blog post about vitamin D

Should You Take Vitamin D?

There are multiple reasons I choose to take a vitamin D supplement. Read more about Why and What I take in this post, sponsored by Life Extension.