The Blogiversiary

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April 7th seems like as good a day as any to have a blogiversiary. (I mean, I know you can’t actually have a blogiversiary until you’ve been blogging for a while and this is my first post, but you know your anniversary date the day you get married. It’s always best to be prepared in life.)

So from henceforth and forever more, April 7th will be my blogiversiary for my new blog on This Unmillennial Life.

See how easy that was… Who says blogging is hard? 

I could spend the next 200 words or so detailing why I decided to add a blog here to the TUML site. But all you have to do is read my bio to know that basically, it’s what I do — start new things.

I LOVE the blog world. And I have for many years enjoyed serving the readers over on The Healthy Aperture Blog with my recipes. But somewhere along the way, I realized that Healthy Aperture is like a magazine you pick up each month to thumb through and be inspired by the variety of voices, recipes and imagery.

I’m just Regan. One voice, with basically one type of recipe (read: recipes my family will eat). And I have now for a while been imaging what it would be like to carve out my own little nest for just MY recipes, my images, my voice.

And then I was like — um, yeah Regan. You already have that. It’s called a PODCAST. And while I don’t want to change the nature of the content I’m sharing on the show each week, this blog should serve as a nice little tag-a-long to share more from the show OR cover whatever topics (like those recipes my family will eat) that my little unmillennial heart desires.

(If you’re counting that was in fact about 200 words. I may be creative, but I never said I was brief.)

Anyway, welcome to this new addition to This Unmillennial Life. I hope you enjoy it. ~Regan