no. 4 – The Botox Episode

Host Regan Jones discusses the decision on whether or not to get Botox after 40 plus previews other ways to slow the aging process

This week’s episode dives a little deeper into the topic of beauty by addressing one of the common questions for women after 40 — should I get Botox?

Admittedly, a more polarizing topic than last week’s episode on eyelashes, the decision to pursue Botox, along with other injectables (more often known in medical circles as “facial rejuvenation treatments”), is a highly personal one. While not right for everyone, for some people it’s an option they’d like to know more about. That’s the goal of this week’s new show — to give listeners more info to help with those decisions.

On this episode:

You’ll first hear two different perspectives — one from a listener who gets Botox treatments and the other from a listener who does not. Both women share the reasoning behind their choices and what they think are the most important concerns/considerations.

Then, I’ll share my interview with Dr. Landon McLain, a double board-certified cosmetic surgery specialist who offers facial rejuvenation treatment as a part of his oral/facial and cosmetic surgery practice. Specifically, he discusses:

    • the difference between the two most common injectable treatments — Botox and fillers
    • how “over-treatment” might occur and what can be done about it
    • the best time to start seeking out facial rejuvenation treatments to minimize the amount needed over time and maximize results
  • what women can do BEYOND Botox to slow the aging process

I wrap up my conversation with Dr. McLain with some insights on how to find a reputable provider and then share my own experiences in terms of discomfort levels of both Botox and Sculptra.

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