no. 58 – The College Admissions Episode

The scandal around college admissions has received major attention recently. But the overwhelming majority of families eventually find themselves needing to help their child navigate the college application process, which looks very different than it did when we as unmillennials applied so many years ago.

college admissions prep

Experts say college admissions prep needs to begin long before the actual applications are due and likely involves taking stock of what the child is doing — both in the classroom and out — as early as middle school.

In this episode, College Shortcuts founder and author, Neha Gupta, walks through the considerations that families — even those with younger children — need to consider now in readying themselves and their children for the college application process. In the show, we discuss:

  • overall how the college admissions process differs today from year’s past
  • why grades get a child “in the door” for admissions consideration, but may no longer be enough
  • when parents should start helping their children prep for their college admissions process
  • what parents can do to help their kids build a compelling resume
  • why it’s important for children to pursue specific activities that are of interest to them, not necessarily “all” the activities
  • how helping your child explore their interests imparts the type of resiliency and resourcefulness college admissions departments are looking for

We also discuss the services that Neha offers through her organization — College Shortcuts, including their monthly mentorship program that pairs students with an Ivy League graduate to help them both stand-out in the college admissions process and excite them about their future college life. 

I close out the show in the Odds & Ends ending with a detailed discussion about my recent quest for a high-fiber protein powder and why I developed the recipe I shared here on the blog in this recent post — How I created My Own High-Fiber Protein Powder — based on having tried the F-Factor 20/20 Protein Powder. I clarify how the fiber that I use in my protein powder — hydrolyzed guar gum — is not the same as guar gum and discourage listeners from using the two interchangeably. 

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