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Cleaner Beauty products are often expensive and available only online. Are there any cleaner beauty buys available at the drugstore? This podcast details the drugstore cleaner beauty buys I recommend.

drugstore cleaner beauty recommendations

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Cleaner Drugstore Beauty Buys aren’t easy to spot unless you know what you’re looking for in advance. After many hours researching what those brands are, I’ve compiled both a full-length episode and printable guide that details not only what the best cleaner beauty buys at the drugstore are, but also WHY the quest for cleaner beauty products matters.

From the concern about endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment to the reality that cosmetics do not undergo any safety testing as a part of their regulation by FDA, this episode covers all you need to know about buying cleaner beauty products at your local drugstore.


Drugstore Cleaner Beauty

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When this episode starts, you’ll hear me here in present-day give a little bit of explanation, but then we will jump right into the content that you may have missed if you weren’t a member of the wellness exclusive group. This completes all the episodes that you have missed there were only two that were released in the wellness exclusive group before cancer came to town as I am saying these days. So you can expect that the next episodes that begin to show up in your podcast app will be current topics recorded in real time this fall. I have a lot on tap. And I’ll be bringing those to you soon. I hope you’re doing well.

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I’m your host, Regan Jones and welcome to today’s show. This is Regan in fall of 2021. I’m sorry that it’s a little bit cumbersome to have to figure out within the last episode in this episode, is she talking in present day or was she talking in the spring but this is present day Reagan. I just wanted to drop in here. And let you know that one of the things that I’ve done in addition to making this full length episode available for you here in your podcast app is I have also taken the downloadable guide that you will hear referenced in this episode, it was something that was posted just privately for members of the wellness exclusive group, I have actually taken that guide. And I have added it to the show notes for this episode on This Unmillennial Life.com. You’ll also find those show notes within whatever podcast app you are listening to this podcast on. And the reason that this guide is actually really important is because I know for me when I’m listening to a podcast, I’m usually on the go doing a number of different things. And you’re going to hear a number of different products referenced and I do not expect or anticipate that you’d be able to jot those down or commit to memory everything that I talked about. So I wanted to make available to you a guide a simple two page guide that you could print out and that you could take with you to the store because often what you’ll find is that not everything that I talked about is going to be available at every store that you go to. I’m not going to spend any time right now telling you how I compiled this list that is all available in the episode just so keep listening. Keep playing the episode and you’re going to find out how I came to compile this particular list. But to get the list, you’re going to simply click on the link in the show notes or go go to this This Unmillennial Life.com. And look for the area of the show notes that guides you to the bonus episode guide. And that’s what you’re looking forward to share your email address with me. I’ll make sure that shows up in your inbox. So you can download that and print it and take it to the store. And with that, let’s get started with the full length episode from early 2021.


Okay, so let’s jump into today’s episode, I am not interviewing a guest specifically, this episode is really compiling what has been a focus for me for well over a year now. And that is the process of cleaning up the beauty products that I have in my home. Now, when we say the word clean or beauty, it can sometimes get bogged down. Just like the term cleaner eating can it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And I want to be really clear on this particular point. From a clean standpoint, I say that in air quotes. I personally this is my opinion here. I personally believe there is a very big difference in beauty products and their regulation and food and their regulation. So when people talk about clean food, sometimes I have a little bit of discomfort with that terminology, only because I think it implies that our food is inherently very dangerous and filled with chemicals and not heavily regulated. And that’s actually not the case. The food supply in the US in particular is very heavily regulated. That is not to say that there aren’t some choices that I personally believe are better than others. But I want to be really clear that in talking about beauty products versus food and cleaner beauty versus clean food, they really


We are different topics altogether. And we’re not talking about clean eating. Today we’re talking about clean beauty. So, again, just as a registered dietitian, I want to be really clear that on the whole, I do feel that when you go into your average supermarket in terms of just the content of the food, it’s a safe food supply. Are there some foods that are more nutritious than others? Absolutely. And is it incumbent upon us all to educate ourselves about that? Absolutely. And that’s one of the reasons that I’m glad that you’re here in the wellness exclusive, we can certainly, and we’ll be talking about nutrition as we go forward. But for the purposes of today, let me give you a little bit of insight into how this topic came up. For me. I had heard about cleaner beauty for a number of years, to be totally honest, one of my millennial friends is who first got this on my radar, I remember her saying to me, you know, if you’ve ever thought about when you put lipstick on how that’s actually something that’s probably going in your body, and I never really thought about it that way. But if you think about it’s right there on your mouth, it is almost like eating something. And it just kind of got my radar up to thinking about, you know, it is really important to think about what we are using in terms of our beauty products. But I had that conversation that kind of let it go. I fellow registered dietitian also brought it up to me in the past. And she was the one who really got on my radar that there’s a very big difference between how cosmetics and skincare are regulated in the US versus again, like I was just talking about food. So all of this has kind of been brewing in my mind. And if you were listening to the podcast at the end of last season, you know that Dr. Gabe Solarz joined me to discuss endocrine disrupting chemicals and obesity. And after that episode, I got really interested in thinking about all the different touch points in our life, that we may be coming in contact with chemicals and substances that aren’t necessarily beneficial for our health. Now, again, I want to caution to say I am certainly not trying to paint a picture that, you know, here living in the US that we are bombarded with toxicity. This is not meant to be an episode that scares anyone or make anyone feel generally unsafe in their environment in terms of you know, even endocrine disrupting chemicals, which we did talk about in that episode are in a lot of different places in our lives. However, I do think it is worth acknowledging that because we are so increasingly in contact with endocrine disrupting chemicals, and maybe substances that at certain levels are toxic, I have taken a stance of trying to reduce those I did not say eliminate those. And that’s a very important point for me to get across to you again, in just trying to look at what our health routine is, I think we all have to be level imbalanced. And realizing that we’re not just going to completely all go off the grid, and make our own soap and make our own moisturizer and try to just completely eliminate any potential contact with harmful substances. So with that all being said, then the question becomes, how much of a risk are our beauty products to us from a safety standpoint, and to be totally honest with you, it’s a little bit unclear to me where the FDA falls in ensuring the safety of beauty products. Certainly companies like beauty counter, which I’ve mentioned to you in the past, many of you are probably aware of beauty counter. Certainly they feel as if the FDA is simply not doing enough. I reading to you from Beauty counters website, a quote here from the founder of the company, she said in 2011, I learned that the US only bans 30 ingredients from personal care products, parentheses for context, the EU bans 1400 And I know that’s sort of at the core principle of beauty counters mission is to really produce beauty products that are free from a number of different chemicals. Now this is where the conversation about toxicity and overall load of toxic chemicals comes into play. In other words, think about it this way, you can know that something is a toxic chemical, but you may not be exposed to it in an amount that is actually harmful to your health. So that’s really important to think about because ultimately what I think you’re going to find out as we go through this episode is that there are a number of different products on the market that have chemicals with known toxicity. Is it necessary to have a beauty product that is absolutely free of all of those products? Well, we don’t really know how much of


those toxic chemicals, I say an air quote toxic chemicals are in those particular products. So then it becomes a question of well, do you want any exposure to those products or not? And that really is a personal decision. My goal in doing this particular episode for you was to focus in on what are those products that you can get at your local drugstore? Or you know, even in some cases supermarket? What are those products that are easy to find fairly affordable and are low we’re in those toxic chemicals? Does that mean that they are completely free from those? No? Does that mean that there are other products that might score better, so to speak on how many toxic chemicals are in them? But at the end of the day, be not a risk to your health? Possibly, but I can’t answer that question. So given the knowledge that we have about what is on the label, and what those chemicals are, I have gone through and found the products that I think are the easiest to find, again, fairly affordable, and have a lower amount of those chemicals in them. Now, that being said, when I say and I know I’m giving you a lot of backstory here, but I want you to understand how this list was compiled. When I say that I went through all of these products, I do want to acknowledge that one of the sources that I used to compile this list for you was the Environmental Working Groups skin, deep, cleaner, beauty, website, and app. And that’s where it becomes important to acknowledge the realities of Environmental Working Group. That is a group that you often hear quoted, with topics like clean food, clean beauty, they have a big project around sunscreens, it is not however, an organization that is without criticisms. There are people within the scientific community who feel like ew G is a little bit more alarmist in nature, and that they tend to tow a very strict line on trying to eliminate any exposure to any toxic chemicals. So please don’t misunderstand that I am saying that this is a blanket recommendation to follow ew G and take all of their recommendations without doing some research on your own. And I say this is especially true, I think within the food sector because as I’ve said a couple of different times, food and beauty products are very different in terms of their regulation. So that brings me to what I really should tell you in terms of regulation from the FDA themselves. And I want to read this to you because I think it’s important to have this in mind as we move forward. About the regulation of beauty products and their safety from the FDA website. There is a frequently asked question about FDA has authority over cosmetics and how cosmetics are not FDA approved, but they are FDA regulated. But that term regulated. Sounds to me a little bit misleading, because you need to understand specifically how safety is addressed via the FDA. So let me just read this to you. Again from the FDA website, who is responsible for substantiating the safety of cosmetics? The answer. companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients. The law also does not require cosmetic companies to share their safety information with FDA. And there is a very, very long, frequently asked question page up on the FDA website. I can certainly share that with you and you can read more about it. But I think that really gets to the heart of why companies like beauty counter and you know, concerned individuals like me want to do what we can to reduce potential exposure to toxic chemicals knowing that there is no approval process and then it’s really incumbent upon the manufacturer to ensure the safety but they’re not required to prove that they’re safe. So again, one of the ways to ensure a safer product is something that’s going on your face on your body whatever the case may be, is to just simply reduce your exposure to known toxic chemicals. Okay, so that is the background on ew G on FDA how I ever got interested in this episode. And now let’s get into the heart of what we’re talking about cleaner beauty products that you can buy at your drugstore.


Okay, so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go through category by category and give you the listing of a number


have different products that I identified. And again, looking at the E WG skin deep site as products that have a cleaner ingredient label, so that you understand how ew G does their ratings, they essentially have an E WG certified product. And to be frankly, honest with you, the overwhelming majority of these products are products I’ve never heard of, I find them to be a little bit obscure, harder to find. The only ones I’ve ever heard of, for the most part are Beautycounter products. And as I said in the video that I shared with wellness exclusive members a few days ago, I have nothing against Beautycounter. I like their products, but they’re not something that you can run to the store quickly and grab a little bit of additional moisturizer, it’s something that you have to place an order for, you often have to place an order at for multiple products to get free shipping. And that’s just not always feasible for us. So again, other than Beautycounter, for the most part that rating system, but you’re going to be surprised there are actually a few products that you can find at the drugstore that Dr. EWB verified, which means that they essentially have the cleanest ingredient lists slash label and have been verified by ew G as such. So that’s sort of their your highest rating system. They also then categorize products as a 1234 and so on number rating, and they classify them in the green category. They classify them in I think, maybe an orange category or red category. And you know, it’s all weighted essentially on how many quote unquote toxic products


or chemicals are in those cosmetics. I should also take a moment to say it’s not all just you know, toxicity. Ew G also looks at I think this actually is very, very helpful. fragrances, fragrances can not only be considered endocrine disrupting chemicals, but they’re also allergens. And I know for many people, that is one of the things that they want to reduce is just their exposure to different allergens. If you think about all the different places in your home, that you have things that are scented from maybe if you’re using a scented fabric softener or you’re using a scented detergent, you’re you know have a diffuser in your home. That’s a fragrance. If you were fragrances so there’s so many and that can be an aggravation to allergies, what you are going to find is in this list, I found this to be the case myself that the overwhelming majority of the products that will show up on this green her you know better end of the spectrum are fragrance free. And that certainly is the case with the ones that I bought off of this list to try them out. I did notice that that’s one of the big things you you know that once you go through this whole regimen of these beauty products, you don’t have a lot of fragrance in them. Okay, so again, that’s the background on how I chose all these. And so what I did is I sat down, and I thought about all the different beauty products that I use for my skincare routine. This episode today is not going to cover things like mascara and eyeliner and all of your cosmetics I hope to do that in a future episode. This is specifically just skincare and our skin really is the largest organ of our body. So I do think it is important that we consider the quality of what we are putting on our skin, or the categories that I looked at our serums moisturizers, deodorant, body lotion, eye cream, masks, lip balm, hand lotion, facial cleansers, eye makeup remover and makeup wipes. So starting from the very top, the very, very popular serums serums are something that and millennials didn’t really know about back in the early days of washing our face and may be slapping on a little moisturizer before we move into bed at night. But they are all the rage for us women who are fighting the signs of aging. So there were really a number of serums that were available that scored anywhere from what I’m calling a zero, which would be actually the best the cleanest that was in that ew G verified category that scored anywhere from zero up to two that those were really the parameters that I looked at ew G again, uses that scoring system 02 all the way up to I don’t know maybe 789 10 which are in that like red category. The green category would be 01 and two so you’ll find all these products fall within that category. Again, just minimizing your exposure not completely eliminating it and the surprising thing was that the very first serum that I found that was a drugstore nationally known brand that you could pick up today was in that zero slash e WG verified category and it was made by La Okay, so this is an


other thing to point out, I went through and looked at a lot of the major brands that you would normally kind of consider, you know, less allergenic or maybe cleaner. I looked at brands like Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena Physicians Formula. And then I looked at ones that were maybe a little bit more commonplace like L’Oreal Paris and alay. And certainly every brand had products that scored on different ends of the spectrum, which I think is the important takeaway message that I would like to have brand loyalty when I go to the drugstore or wherever I’m shopping for my cosmetic products but I think you can either have brand loyalty or you can look to a cleaner ingredient list slash label, I did not find any one brand that across the board was available you know over the counter, not something that you have to order specialty online that completely fit the bill not even beauty counter which was a little bit surprising. I did find at least one or two products and beauty counter that sort of rated middle of the road I was very surprised about that. But the good news is is I definitely found products that are commonly available available that scored really well. So the first one is and this entire list will be available in the wellness exclusive group so that you can print it out and take it with you to your local drugstore if you want to go shopping to see what is available because not everything on this list is probably available at your particular drugstore you know based on inventory and just what that store chooses to keep on hand. You know what’s sold out whatever. I encourage you to print the list out and take it with you. The first one though, was the Olay Regenerist brightening plus Vitamin C Serum fragrance free reading from the rest of the list briefly. Olay tone perfection serum Neutrogena rapid tone repair serum capsules. Those are really fun if you’ve ever seen any of the Rodan and Fields capsules. This was very similar to that I liked that product. I did not see it at my CVS. CVS just happened to be where I was shopping while I was getting a prescription filled for my son. I did not see it but that is one that was very interesting to me. Next up equate beauty regenerating daily serum if you’re not familiar with equate, I believe that is the storebrand for Walmart Olay Deep Hydration serum with hyaluronic acid, which you may be familiar with hyaluronic acid, it is the precursor for collagen, and it helps plump up your face make it look a little bit more hydrated L’Oreal Paris fragrance free 10% Pure glycolic acid serum so glycolic acid is is also used to kind of reduce fine lines and some discolorations and then the last one Avalon Organics wrinkle therapy facial serum. That one is actually not a brand that’s available at my local drugstore slash pharmacy but I have frequently seen Avalon Organics at Publix, so I thought you know if it’s available at a grocery store, that’s, that’s pretty easy to get. So those are the serums that I found. Now, with each one of these. I ended up buying one product off of this list. And at the end of this I’m gonna tell you about the ones that I bought just to give you a preview of which ones I was able to find so that has serums moving on to moisturizers. First up again in the zero slash ew G verified category was the Olay Regenerist brightening plus vitamin C hydrating moisturizer fragrance free. Again, that’s a common theme if you are looking for something that’s going to score a little bit better always fragrance free tends to I think show up. At least that’s one you know check mark in its favor. Next Olay Regenerist whip face moisturizer, fragrance free, Pacifica dreamy Youth Day and Night Cream Pacifica not a brand that I’ve seen at the pharmacy however, it is a brand that I’ve seen at Target. And then lastly Burt’s Bees sensitive night cream. Now I want to take this moment to address Burt’s Bees. Historically Burt’s Bees I have always felt like in general was a better choice. And that did prove to be the case many times as I was looking at Burt’s Bees products, I would not say 100% all of their products fell into the cleaner category. There were certainly ones that scored more comparable to you know brands that you traditionally think of like ole or L’Oreal Paris or Neutrogena, which again, Neutrogena actually, to be honest with you did not fare near as well as I thought it would you will see someone here that were Neutrogena products that seem to fare a little bit better. But the point being that some Burt’s Bees products fared really well and others seem to be more middle of the road. So if it’s important to you to make sure that you’re getting the cleanest beauty product with the least amount of the


toxic chemicals in them just know that at this point I can’t say that there was one particular brand that checked all of the boxes but in this case the Burt’s Bees sensitive Night Cream did pass the test. Okay, moving on to the next category, deodorant and deodorant was actually a category that I slipped in here not because I think of it as a beauty product per se. But I have gotten questions over the years from listeners of the podcast who were interested in doing me doing a natural deodorant episode and I never really honestly found a guest that I thought was a good one to interview for it. And I saw deodorant show up in a couple of different places as I was looking at different brands. And there were four of them that I thought fit the bill for good choices. So I thought I would share those with you and you can try them out and see how they work for you. There’s one, the fourth one that I’m talking about that was actually really surprising. So the first one is a brand that should be familiar to you if you’ve ever looked into more natural deodorants. And that’s Schmidt’s deodorant. I chose for the handout that I’m giving you the bergamot and lime all the different scents didn’t fare exactly the same so just know that that was one of the ones that got the the seal of approval the green checkmark the next one again wasn’t equate product equate being the brand from Walmart equate long lasting aluminum free deodorant in lavender which I have for many years worn a natural deodorant and a lavender scent and I really liked it so I’m interested to try this one out. The next one a brand you may be familiar with from their toothpaste Tom’s of Maine long lasting unscented deodorant. And then lastly, the one that was really surprising and the one that I actually grabbed off the shelf to bring home and so far so good. Is the Armand Hammer essentials natural deodorant unscented. So they’re again a nationally available brand very commonplace brand that I wouldn’t have expected to show up on a cleaner beauty list but a pleasant surprise and as I said so far, I’m using it so good. Up next body lotion first Dr. Bronner’s organic Hand and Body Lotion, lavender, coconut Dr. Bronner’s being another brand I haven’t seen at my CVS. I don’t believe I’ve seen it at my Walgreens, but I have seen it at Publix next LaRoche post days, and I may butcher this pronunciation Lipikar balm AP plus intends to repair moisturizing cream, La Roche Posay. Being a brand that is a little bit more expensive and often recommended by dermatologists but absolutely is available at most both CVS and Walgreens in my area. Here we go again with equate equate beauty Daily Moisturizing Lotion with colloidal oatmeal, Shea Moisture, olive and green tea replenishing body lotion, and then our good friends Burt’s Bees, sensitive body lotion, aloe and shea butter. So a number of different body lotions here on the list, surprisingly a body lotion that I checked while I was there thinking that it would fare well. But it did not. It was sort of middle of the road was a vino and I’m reminded of a vino spokesperson Jennifer Aniston. And you know, she’s certainly a personality that’s very, very familiar to us as unmillennials. And I feel like that I want to give a vino credit for choosing someone who is in our age range to market that product to us. Unfortunately, Jennifer it’s just not a product right now that seems to fare well enough on the cleaner beauty spectrum for me to give it a purchase. So just something to point out there for us unmillennials next category is eye cream. Many brands here that you will recognize first up Olay Regenerist collagen peptide 24 Eye Cream fragrance free Neutrogena hydroboost eye gel cream, Neutrogena hydroboost, city shield eye serum and Burt’s Bees renewal Firming Eye Cream. All of these products scored around a two which is kind of the upper end of where my cutoff was for, you know, cleaner beauty. There were eye creams that scored a little bit better, but they were all more obscure something that you’d have to order online. I didn’t even check the prices. You know, my assumption is that many of those are probably more expensive. So something to consider there. But all of these were obviously easily available at the drugstore I was going to now the next category is one that was sadly very disappointing in what was available at my local CVS. And that’s the category of masks. I identified four different masks and one brand that you can find many of their masks that fit the bill. I found four different ones to look for and none of them are available so I did not walk away from my purchasing experience with a mask but hopefully you will be able to find them if a mask is something that you’re looking for First up and the best scoring


On this list Burt’s Bees brightening biocellulose Gel Mask, ponds hydrate plus firm sheet masks I was happy to see ponds on the list for something my grandmother who still to this day has beautiful scan that’s pretty much all she ever used was ponds and then to buy Miss spa, Miss spa cleansing sheet mask and kale papaya and Miss spa facials sheet mask charcoal Miss spa had a number of different masks that fared well but I did not find them at my local CVS. So I’ll have to keep searching for that. Next category lip balm. A lot of good choices here. Frankly lip balm in general seemed to do a lot better than I thought it was going to do. Burt’s Bees classic lip balm was number one and I grabbed some of it and that is good stuff. If you have never used it I have no affiliation with Burt’s Bees, but I really do like their lip balm and was glad to see that it’s it fared so well. Pacifica vegan care lip balm vanilla Shira plus cucumber extract Dr. Bronner’s organic lip balm naked when it’s probably familiar to you Vaseline Lip Therapy in the 10 lip balm original badger unscented lip balm and then E O S or iOS I’m not sure how that particular brand says their name but I know people tend to like it. Soft Shea lip balm, cheery and bright so a lot of good choices there. This is actually an example of where I like the beauty counter lip balm as well as the Burt’s Bees classic lip balm, but the beauty counter comes in a little pot that you have to use your finger and put on your lips I don’t like doing that at all. So realizing that the Burt’s Bees classic lip balm that comes in you know, a very chapstick ish tube is for me a much better choice. So again just able to discover that this was a really good choice that can get over the counter hand lotion, which is something that I don’t use as often as I should as evidenced by the fact that my youngest son said the other day What is wrong with your hands? Like I’m just getting old and having dry hands so I need to take this more seriously. And I bought a tin of the Burt’s Bees farmers friend hand salve for that very reason. That stuff is amazing smells wonderful very very thick though something to put on at night before you go to bed not not before you’re gonna handle something in the next few minutes. That was number one of vino intense relief handcream So shout out to Jennifer Aniston I you know I just made that point about her but the vino intense really pay into cream did fair. Okay. And then lastly use certain advanced repair light feel handcream so that may be one for me to go back and try since I feel like the Burt’s Bees is little heavy for daytime use. Next up facial cleansers and the facial cleansers are something that I know are really personalized. I mean some people like kind of an oily heavy face cleanser I do because my skin tends to be more dry. But I know for people who tend to get blemishes that’s not a really good fit and they like something that foams a little bit. So I didn’t really classify these in foaming versus oil versus cream. I’m just going to give you the ones that I found. And you know that’s a personal preference as to which one is the best fit. At first Neutrogena makeup remover melting balm. Then Burt’s Bees sensitive facial cleanser, Avalon Organics wrinkle therapy cleansing oil I really would think would have liked that but I didn’t find that. I’ll have to check on that at Publix the next time in there wet and wild a brand I never would have thought would show up on this list wet and wild expert level facial cleansing oil and then lastly a name I’m just now adding to the list Garni a clean plus makeup removing lotion cleanser sensitive skin going along with facial cleansers. Of course our eye makeup removers in this category I ended up putting two micellar waters in this category because they score really really well in terms of you know just a very simple clean ingredient list. And they also work well and I just recently discovered this this is if you haven’t realized I think a more economical way to take off your eye makeup because you usually get a really large bottle of micellar water as compared to a small bottle bottle of eye makeup remover and it works for me equally as well. So the two that show up on this list are L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water and the Sarah V Ultra gentle cleansing hydrating micellar water the last one that is specifically an eye makeup remover with a pad is the Burt’s Bees eye makeup remover pads I have used all of these and all of these work well so I was actually doing this before I knew all of this about the ones on the list these all three of these products work quartz I should say I don’t wear waterproof mascara and I’m not sure how they would work for that but just for regular mascara. These all work really well.


And then the last one in the category, you know, something that I don’t use as much now maybe a little bit when I used to travel. And if I ever get to travel again, I certainly use things like this in my younger days when I wasn’t as committed to a more stringent beauty routine. And those are makeup wipes, and the three that scored the best in makeup wipes. And this was another one of those categories, kind of like eye cream, where in general, this category just wasn’t all that great. But there were three that were on the higher end of my cutoff. And those were Olay makeup remover, wet cloths, see to feel gentle makeup, removing wipes, and then Sarah, the makeup, removing cleanser cloths, all of those made the list. So that has the full list of everything I compiled for you before I get into the individual products that I chose. And I’ll make that a pretty quick segment because you’ve hung around for all this. I know hopefully, that you’re anxious to just get to the store and grab a few things that you need. I do want to make one point about price. Now I said in the wellness exclusive group when I first started mentioning that I was going to do this episode that, you know one of the things that I wanted to provide to people was an opportunity to have cleaner beauty products are purchased cleaner beauty products at a lower price. I’m not saying that all of these products are inexpensive. As a matter of fact, in general, the Olay brand, Olay Regenerist. And the Olay brand is not inexpensive. How does it compare with designer products or even beauty counter? I believe it’s still less than all of those. But these are not super inexpensive products. And frankly, that’s not what I’m looking for. I said in the Rockies episode, that one of my husband’s favorite sayings is cheap, ain’t good and good, ain’t cheap. And I laugh and saying that and realizing that, you know, like I said, our skin is the largest organ in our body, and none of us are getting any younger. So trying to combat the signs of aging and look our best is something worth investing in. But as we budget for the different things that we want to do with our beauty routine, and just frankly, the other things that we want to do in our life, I certainly can make the case for trying to find the most economical way to have the best and cleanest beauty products. That’s what this list is intended to do. But I don’t want you to have some sticker shock when you go to the store and look at a Olay Regenerist brightening, you know, plus Vitamin C serum, it is still a product that carries a higher price tag than then some others. Okay, so that wraps up the list. Now I just want to quickly tell you about the products that I purchased in case you are interested and then we’ll wrap it up for the day.


Okay, so briefly, just to give you an idea of the products that I was able to find in my local CVS and that I chose from the ones that we have talked about, I did choose the Olay serum. I also chose the Olay moisturizer. I grabbed the Armand Hammer essentials natural deodorant I shared that with you a minute ago. I got the LaRoche posay Lipikar balm, a plus intense repair moisturizing cream, Say that five times in a row. I chose the Olay Regenerist eye cream but I will tell you that I had actually purchased the Neutrogena hydroboost I JL in the past and have used it it’s very very light. So I think I am going to like the Olay a little bit better. It seems a little bit heavier, which is something that I need for my eyes these days. As I said I was not able to find a mask I will be on the lookout for that maybe try Walgreens and see what they have. I chose the Burt’s Bees classic lip balm and the Burt’s Bees farmers friend hand salve I realized as I was looking through my bathroom that I actually purchased a facial cleanser that I need to add to this list so I’m updating the list to let you know that I ended up with the facial cleansers having to purchase something that was originally not on the list but should have been and that was the Sarah V hydrating facial cleanser. Frankly what happened is when I got to the store and looked through 123455 of these facial cleansers, none of them were available at my CVS. So I started looking around and found the Sarah V products Sara V also tends to score a little bit better not everything made the list that was a CRV product, but it does tend to score a little bit better and I know that many many dermatologists recommend this brand. So I found their hydrating facial cleanser and I used ew GS app which is pretty cool where you can go in and you can scan the barcode on a beauty product and it will show you the ingredient list it will show you you know what their number rating is and it will show you kind of where it may be is a little bit more questionable what products you know what ingredients are in it that don’t score as well.


And oftentimes what you will see is the difference between something going from a one to a two will be, you know, maybe it has a little bit of fragrance to it or something like that it’s something minor. So that was actually really very, very cool to go in and realize nothing was on the list to pick up something that I had a hunch might be better. Again, that’s the Sarah V hydrating facial cleanser, I scanned it, it scored just as well as many of the other ones on the list. So I grabbed it, I will make sure that that is added to the list that goes into the wellness exclusive group. I’m makeup remover, I already had the Cerave hydrating micellar water, so I didn’t have to purchase that I’m already a fan. And then I did by the sea to field gentle makeup, removing wipes, and I actually used those this morning, very happy with that product. So that’s everything that I chose. I’ve only been using this whole new set a few days. So it’s hard to say now am I going to be in love with every one of these products over the long haul, I don’t know. But so far, so good. I’ve been very, very pleased with all of them. And I hope that if you use this list and buy any of these products that you will be as well I want to make one disclaimer, I have no affiliation. With any of the products that I’m recommending here today. I don’t get any money if you purchase any of them. And again, I have no affiliation with ew G and myself can be critical of some of the ways that they tackle their recommendations. So please keep that in mind. If you decide to go to ew G site or use their information. I personally don’t take everything that they say as a blanket recommendation for the choices that I make. But I do really appreciate the great detail that they go to in outlining everything that’s in a product and giving you perspective on what the potential health risks are of that chemical. And that’s something for us to look at and then make our decisions accordingly. As always, I would love your feedback if you have any or if you have questions about this list. If you purchase products and want to let me know how you like them that would be even better. You can just send me a good ol email Regan at This Unmillennial Life.com If you would like to record your feedback about this episode or share your experiences you can do that this This Unmillennial Life.com/contact. I want to thank you so much for tuning in today. I look forward to bringing you a new episode very soon. Take care

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