Easy Overnight Hashbrown Casserole

With just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes prep, a hearty bowl of hashbrown comfort food is ready for breakfast.

Do you ever get bored with breakfast?

When I first developed this recipe it was for a Recipe ReDux challenge to beat breakfast boredom.

To be honest, breakfast boredom isn’t a thing for me.

I mean… Yes… I eat virtually the same thing every morning on days I do my new fave strength training class.

(If you wanna know what that same thing is I eat on those mornings, follow me on Instagram. I share a pic of it every morning in Stories.)

But other days, I get creative.

I eat yummy toast combos like these:

I do granola and Greek yogurt combos like these:

Sometimes I make my own homemade muesli combos like this:

And of course, I find news ways to dress up a bowl of oatmeal like this:

So when asked to find a way to beat breakfast boredom, I had to stop and think. What’s the one thing I’m NOT eating at breakfast, but would like to sometimes…?

…Hello Hashbrown Casserole.

You know the stuff. Creamy. Cheesy. Hearty. Stick to your insides and keep you full all morning long.

But, as is the case with most of my cooking, I didn’t want something that I had to slave over the night before. Quick and Easy is a must for me.

This Easy Overnight Hashbrown Casserole is a snap to stir together and honestly, it feeds a full crowd.

Or, you can eat it all week long. I promise you won’t get bored of it. ~Regan

Easy Overnight Hashbrown Casserole

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