no. 66 – The Enneagram Episode (Part II)

Internal motivation and Healthy Eating — Is there a connection between the Enneagram and Nutrition? This podcast guest says the answer is YES!


In last week’s Season 3 premiere I interviewed YourEnneagramCoach, Beth McCord to discuss the origins of the Enneagram, how the Enneagram is different from other “personality” tests, why motivation is the key to determining your Enneagram type and the importance of not using the Enneagram as a “sword or shield” on yourself or others.

Today, I’m following up that episode Part II of this series — my interview of Jenna Braddock, a sports dietitian and personal trainer who is currently investigating the connection between Enneagram and nutrition, health and wellness behaviors.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How/Why Jenna first became interested in the connection between the Enneagram and Nutrition
  • How Enneagram type may affect a person’s willingness to try new foods
  • How Enneagram type may influence a person’s self-assessment of “What’s Healthy?”
  • How stress may affect differing Enneagram types differently
  • How a “challenge” environment for change may or may not be a good fit for different Enneagram types
  • The importance of understanding and appreciating that different Enneagram types might respond differently to different dietary interventions — from macro counting to intuitive eating, etc.

We wrap up by encouraging listeners to participate in Jenna’s survey and providing links to where to find Jenna is now offering Enneagram-based nutrition counseling on her website.

To close out the show, I share a very important follow up to The Laser Hair Removal Episode. I had the chance to visit with my guest from that episode, Katy Widrick, recently and she shared with me some not so encouraging long-term results of her hair removal experience.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make Season 2 such a success! Season 3 is off to an exciting start with lots more great episodes to come! Thank you for listening, subscribing, downloading and most importantly, thank you for sharing with a friend. ~Regan

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