no. 17 – The Menstrual Cycle Episode

Can a podcast tell you something about a menstrual cycle you DON'T know? Fitness, Food and your mental picture are all affected by your period. Here's how.

If you’re an unmillennial you’ve been having periods more years than you probably care to remember. So what in the world could a podcast tell you that you DON’T know about your menstrual cycle? How about the fact that you actually burn more calories after ovulation OR that right after your period may be the best time to try for a new PR in your fitness routine?

Today’s episode of the podcast features an interview with registered dietitian, nutrition coach and flexible dieting expert, Emily Field. In the episode, we discuss: 

    • How Emily and I started working together
    • Why I’m trying out macro tracking that correlates with my menstrual cycle
    • How the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which change throughout the month, affect fitness, coordination, hunger, mindset and more 
    • What these changes mean in terms of the exercises you choose, in both your follicular phase (the beginning of your cycle) and the luteal phase (the end of your cycle)
  • The increase in calories metabolized at the end of your cycle and why the types of foods you eat might need a shift during this time

To wrap up the show, I recap a recent article that details “Why the Future is Female” and give my own thoughts about what this message means in terms of inspiring and empowering us as women after age 40. I invite all guests of the show to Tweet Me @ReganJonesRD and tell me why YOU think the #FutureIsFemale. Or you can leave me a voicemail OR join the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group and let me know what you think! 

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