no. 37 – The Grocery Delivery Episode

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As retailers look for ways to stay competitive in providing straight-to-your-door service, grocery delivery has become a huge business. Most unmillennials may not remember the days of the milkman delivering to your doorstep, but there’s a good chance we may be having milk and more delivered to our homes today.

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing retail expert, Shari Steinbach, on the four most popular grocery delivery ordering services. Steinbach, who has enjoyed a 25+ year career as a registered dietitian working for supermarkets, shares:

  • how common grocery delivery is becoming
  • the most popular grocery delivery services
  • the costs associated with each service
  • the “value” of using a grocery delivery service
  • how grocery delivery services do/do not offer discounts, coupons, etc
  • where the future of grocery technology is headed

I close out today’s show with an announcement about the ending of Season 1 of This Unmillennial Life and what I’ll be doing over the summer break to prepare for Season 2. I also share an Odds&Ends follow up from last week’s Skin Cancer Episode, reporting what I found when I visited Ulta to purchase one of the products recommended by Dr. Keller. (All products recommended on the podcast can be found on the Cool Stuff page of the website.)

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