no. 64 – The Grazing Boards Episode

Forget fussy recipes! The most appetizing, easiest and crowd-pleasing answer for entertaining is to assemble a grazing board!

how to assemble a grazing board

If you’ve ever stumbled onto an Instagram picture of a beautiful board piled high in meats, cheese, fruits and more, you can appreciate the appetite appeal of being served a grazing board.

Today’s show features Robin Plotkin — a culinary dietitian who turned her love of entertaining with grazing boards into a successful new business, Board Mama, that brings beautiful boards to events like girls’ night out, real estate open house, teacher appreciation and much, much more.

While these board-based gifts are growing rapidly in popularity with her customer base in Dallas, Robin is sharing with the listening audience her best tips for making your own grazing boards at home, including:

  • how she chooses themes and colors for her grazing boards
  • what surfaces work best to create a grazing board
  • estimating how much food to buy for each board
  • ideas to avoid food waste when there are leftovers from the board
  • some of her favorite finds from stores like Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s

I’m rounding out this final episode of Season 2 with a recommendation that I actually shared with Robin off-line — my recommendation that she try Les Mills Body Flow. As a class that’s 60% yoga, plus Tai Chi and Pilates, I’ve found Body Flow to be a wonderful addition to my weekly workout routine. With a different feel, vibe and music selection from a traditional yoga class, it offers the benefits of yoga poses and stretches for those of us who aren’t as comfortable in the traditional yoga environment.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make Season 2 such a success! Thank you for listening, subscribing, downloading and most importantly, thank you for sharing with a friend. ~Regan

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