no. 43 – The Cord Cutting Episode

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Raised on cableTV, unmillennials may be slower to “cut the cord”. But the cost-savings make cord cutting appealing to many customers, no matter their age.


As a generation raised during the rise of cableTV, unmillennials may find themselves a little slower to “cut the cord” than their younger millennial counterparts. But the cost-savings and freedom of choice for channels make cord cutting appealing to many customers, no matter their age.

In today’s episode, I interview Luke Buoma of Cord Cutters News and share with listeners the basics anyone needs to consider before cutting the cord, including:

  • The estimated cost savings someone can expect when they cut the cord
  • Benefits beyond money when you cut the cord, like portability and channel selection
  • The shift in mindset to consider before cord cutting in thinking about programs versus networks
  • What type of equipment is required to cut the cord, including antennas for local Live TV and streaming devices
  • What sports fans can expect in terms of availability and access to Live TV

I round out this episode with some odds & ends including a follow up about Season 2 of Ozark and a new recommendation for a binge-worthy podcast, Dr. Death. I share listener feedback from both The Intermittent Fasting Episodes and The Chores Episode.

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