no. 47 – The Laser Hair Removal Episode

ladies legs laser hair removal

Most unmillennial women have been carrying the daily beauty burden of shaving for more years than they can remember. So it’s not surprising that Laser Hair Removal is an option they have questions about. Questions like how much does it cost, is it painful and is it permanent? Today’s show is answering all of those questions and more.

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing former podcast guest, Katy Widrick (last heard on The Orangetheory Episode) about her experience with laser hair removal, including:

  • Where she’s being treated
  • The level of pain she’s experienced
  • The permanence of the process
  • Why she chose laser hair removal
  • How she found a laser hair removal provider
  • Tips to get the best price on laser hair removal

To close out the show, I’m opening up about my struggles to cultivate a tribe of friends locally as I share feedback I received on the This Unmillennial Life Facebook Group (join here) on an article recently entitled “What Moms Need In A Friendship As We Grow Older.”

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