no. 84 – The Magnesium Episode

Today’s episode is all about Magnesium — the mineral that every body needs to run better. In this episode, you’ll learn about assessing your current total nutrition to see if you give your body enough magnesium to help your sleep, bones, digestion, hormones, metabolism, and muscles work better.

podcast about magnesium

Joining me in this episode is dietitian Ashley Koff. With over twenty years in private practice, as an advisor, spokesperson, author and media expert, Koff currently runs The Better Nutrition Program — an organization “on a mission to make it easier and more efficient to assess current total nutrition to develop truly personalized recommendations.” She is the host of My Better Nutrition Alexa skill and co-host of the podcast Take Out With Ashley and Robyn. In this show, we discuss:

  • Why magnesium is such an important mineral for helping the body destress.
  • Why lifestyle choices like high-intensity training and a low-carbohydrate diet might be affecting your magnesium status.
  • Why a blood test isn’t the best way to assess magnesium status.
  • How we know if we get enough magnesium.
  • Which is better — magnesium from food or supplements.
  • What our body needs to use magnesium effectively
  • When is the best time to assess magnesium needs
  • Which forms of magnesium are best, including why magnesium can have a laxative effective depending on the amount or form taken
  • Why gastric issues (like low motility) can influence which form of magnesium is best to take
  • Why it’s important to keep sweetened magnesium supplements to a minimum in the evening and why salts and creams may be a good alternative

During our discussion Ashley offers podcast listeners a discount code for all of the resources available at The Better Nutrition Program website, including specifically The Magnesium Evaluation tool (Use CODE “UML20” at checkout for the discount.) She also shares insight into her Practitioner Network, where listeners can find a registered dietitian who specializes in various conditions, assessments and support of overall health goals.

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To end the show I’m sharing my new favorite app to stay connected, visually, with family and friends — Marco Polo. I also share a quick audio clip from listener of the show, Heather, detailing how she and her family helped a friend celebrate a birthday… from a distance. If YOU have something positive you’d like to share, please LEAVE ME A VOICEMAIL here.

That’s all for today’s show. Stay healthy and stay home if you can. Take care. ~Regan

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