no. 73 – The Microblading Episode

After years of overplucking, you want lush brows. Is microblading for you? Here’s everything you need to know about microblading for eyebrows.

microblading for eyebrows

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing my friend Betsy, who is no stranger to microblading. In this show we discuss:

  • How she got interested in having microblading
  • How long she’s been getting microblading done
  • How she found a microblading artist
  • Why she says it’s important to find someone who can do an array of choices — from microblading to microfeathering
  • The difference between microblading and tattooing
  • What level of pain or discomfort she experienced
  • The recovery and care process after the procedure
  • How long recovery takes and how long microblading lasts
  • Why it’s important to allow enough time for healing
  • A general range for costs to do microblading

Betsy and I wrap up our time together with a discussion of a related product — Beautycounter’s new tinted brow gel. Betsy also provides listeners with an overview of why she’s a fan (and rep) for Beautycounter including most notably their commitment to safer beauty products.

To close out this episode, I’m running through the last of the fond food memories shared with me via the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group. First, a few different memories from (another) Betsy from the group — including a new-to-me composed gelatin salad. Next, a Thanksgiving-birthday memory from Marsha, followed by a brief mention of my own Thanksgiving with family this year.

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