The Best Recipes for Christmas

I started blogging in 2009.

Can you believe that?

What started as a way to simply share my love of cooking in an uncrowded online space has evolved a lot over the years. In that span of time so much has happened; launching new sites, closing old ones, starting a podcast, and recently, finding myself in an entirely new space unrelated to food.

But my love of simply cooking good food — especially the kind that can be shared at the holidays — hasn’t changed.

Blogs started out in a simpler time, when those of us who had an intense interest in sharing about food and recipes were doing simply that. It was a fairly tight-knit community and had a relaxed, entertaining feel. Unlike today’s focus on multi-media, hyper-creative TikTok recipes and IG food Reels, the early days of food blogging (for me at least) felt like a simple way to extend the very common practice of answering that simple question “Will you share your recipe with me?”

You know that question, right?

It’s the one you ask at a party when you’ve tried an appetizer you love. Or you say it to a friend when you’re in need of a special holiday gift to bake.

It was like taking a recipe card out of the box and sharing it with a friend.

Those days may be a distant memory and blogging may be “old school” now. But the simple act of sharing a tried and true recipe with a friend is timeless. With just a few more days left before Christmas, I’d like to share with you my favorite Christmas recipes I developed either for this site or others. I hope you enjoy them! ~Regan

Savory Christmas Torte

5 Ingredient Savory Christmas Torte

Marinated Cheese Wreath

Marinated Cheese Wreath

breakfast rolls

Gluten-Free Cranberry Pecan Breakfast Rolls

Easy Pecan Pull Apart Bread

stack of gluten free cheese straws

Gluten-Free Cheese Crackers (Cheese Straws)

Cranberry Coffee Cake

Brussels sprouts salad recipe

Brussels Sprouts Salad

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