no. 92 – The Fasting for Longevity Episode

Fasting may be a popular concept right now, but did you know there’s a way to fast for longevity with the assistance of food?

podcast about fasting for longevity

Joining me in today’s show is friend and fellow registered dietitian, Danielle Omar. Danielle — an integrative dietitian and nutrition consultant — is the co-creator of my new Fasting + Food program. We share a mutual love of beautiful eyelashes (she first appeared on the show in The Eyelashes Episode), plant-based eating and of course, fasting for longevity.

When Danielle and I first started our careers as registered dietitians, therapeutic fasting for longevity was almost unheard of. Fast forward to today and fasting has become THE thing to do. And while many of the popular fasting programs you hear about may offer some benefits, most of them don’t offer the benefit Danielle and I are most interested in — the benefit of increased longevity. We’ve personally been studying the relationship between fasting and longevity and found there’s a ton of confusion about what fasting really is, and what results you can expect from doing it.  In this episode, we discuss:

  • The various definitions of the term “fasting”
  • How/Why therapeutic fasting for longevity is different from intermittent fasting (check out The Intermittent Fasting Episode)
  • The importance of longterm fasting to turn on the process of autophagy
  • What autophagy is and why it’s so important for longevity
  • The importance of understanding “why” you want to fast
  • How therapeutic fasting is possible with the assistance of food
  • The potential benefits of a longterm, food-assisted fast
  • How hunger and a “hunger reset” play an important role both during and after a food-assisted fast

We spend the second half of this episode discussing in greater detail the program we co-created — first for ourselves, then for others — to facilitate a longterm therapeutic fast. Fasting + Food is a do-it-yourself therapeutic fasting program that allows you to fast, while also eating a few fresh, whole foods and recipes you make at home. While it may seem counterintuitive to fast and eat food at the same time, with the right calorie level and the right macro-nutrient mix, it IS possible to enter a state of metabolic ketosis that closely resembles that of a prolonged fast.

I hope you enjoy this episode! If you have any questions about fasting, the Fasting + Food program OR simply want to connect about any episode of the show, here’s where to find me!

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