no. 77 – The Nutrition for Longevity Episode

In this episode, I continue my interview with Dr. Felicia Stoler, now focusing on the program I got to try immediately following my 5-day fast (read here about that experience) — the Nutrition for Longevity program. In this episode (no. 77), we discuss:

  • The company’s background and mission to serve as a regenerative form of agriculture
  • Why the Nutrition for Longevity program fits so seamlessly with the 5 Day Fast as a good transition to a more plant-based diet following the fast
  • The environmentally friendly packaging of the shipments and how shipments are at present only intended for a single end-user
  • The various calorie levels and diets available

We close out our time together with a brief discussion of Prolon’s “Fast Bar” — a nut-based bar intended for use by individuals who want to extend their time-restricted eating pattern (aka “intermittent fasting) from a metabolic standpoint but would like to have some food during that time.

I close out this part of the podcast with my personal thoughts on this experience, including how the food of the Prolon 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet did lead to a bit of flavor fatigue for me, noting, however, that I found it to be an extremely positive experience and would definitely do it again. I also explain why I felt that the two programs — the 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet and Nutrition for Longevity — worked so well together and why I credit the experience with shifting my eating habits to a more whole food, plant-based eating pattern in a way that nothing else has done for many years.

Lastly, I share with listeners that both programs are available for purchase with a 10% discount simply by using the code UNMILLENNIAL at checkout here:

To end the show, I give a brief mention of how my Voxes back and forth with friends about my new favorite hairbrush dryer lead to a discussion of favorite hairsprays. I came to love my favorite — L’Oreal Elnett — after years of purchasing more expensive products that always seemed to result in clogged nozzles with either a wasted partially used bottle OR large gloppy droplets of hairspray. The L’Oreal product never has either problem.

As always, if you have thoughts on this topic or others you’d like to hear on the show, send me an email OR message me on social media. I’m ReganJonesRDN on Facebook and Instagram. I’m ReganJonesRD on Twitter.

I look forward to bringing you another episode next week! Take Care. ~Regan

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