no. 56 – The Online Clothing {Consignment & Rental} Episode

Millennials may be MarieKondoing their way to the most minimalist closet they can create, but one thing remains the same across generations — we all want to look our best. Making that option affordable and easy is the goal of online clothing consignment and rental services like Rent the Runway, Tradesy, Poshmark and more. But are they really worth the price tag? And how do they work?

online clothing consignment

In today’s episode with my friend Deanna, author of The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, and former guest of the show (check out The Airbnb Episode and The Autism Episode) we discuss how each of these services works, tips/tricks for making the most of them, general pricing and pros/cons:

I close out this segment of the show with a quick recap of the online clothing consignment store I use most often — Tradesy and discuss how it seems initially to different from Poshmark in both inventory size and selection of high-end designers. 

I close out the show with a discussion of two articles I recently shared in the This Unmillennial Life Facebook group. The first article from the NY Times is a wonderful read that brings to light the personal story of one reporter’s realization of how much mindless phone scrolling he’d been doing on a daily basis. I discuss the changes I’m making to my phone habits as a result. And subsequently, I lead into a follow up on The Screentime {Behaviors & Addiction} Episode by sharing a recent article that called into question whether or not screentime really is as harmful as we think. Having read the article, I shared it with my guest from The Screentime Episode – Dr. Victoria Dunckley, author of Reset Your Child’s Brain – for her insights. She offered some solid counterpoints, which I detail in this episode. 

I round out the show once again by thanking the This Unmillennial Life audience for pushing the show into the Top 75 of Personal Journal podcasts on iTunes. Your support means the world to me! ~Regan

This week’s episode of This Unmillennial Life is brought to you by The Soyfoods Council. Feeling your best is just as important as looking your best and for some unmillennial women that means addressing lifestyle factors like hot flashes. More than 20 years worth of studies support the research that the isoflavones in soybeans may reduce hot flash symptoms by up to 50%. For more information on this research, visit The Soyfoods Council​.

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