For women who've fallen into a generational gap

If your skin doesn’t know whether to break out or wrinkle, if you’re caught between planning the third-grade class party and researching retirement plans, or if you want to work out but the idea of Crossfit makes your 40-something knees ache, This Unmillennial Life is the podcast for you.

Hosted by award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, Regan Jones, This Unmillennial Life is filled with the kind of stories, info, and advice you'd chat about with a friend.

While episodes of the show cover topics ranging from beauty to fitness to parenting and more, on this site you'll also find a little bit of Regan's unmillennial life, off-air... her Recipes. Having worked in professional recipe development for 20+ years and being a mom of two, she's constantly creating something new in the kitchen.


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