no. 86 – The Sleep Recovery Episode

Can sleep recovery devices help you not only sleep longer, but also sleep better? That’s the question one expert recently researched for Men’s Health. Here’s what he found.

Joining me in this episode is Dr. Chris Mohr, a frequent guest on the podcast who – along with his wife Kara – specializes in the importance of sleep for overall health and wellness. Recently, Chris wrapped up an article for Men’s Health that involved testing sleep recovery products geared toward helping us recover during sleep, especially following exercise but also just following the daily stresses of life. In the episode, we discuss the various devices he tried, including: 

  • The Oura ring, which measures quality & quantity of sleep, heart rate and general activity
  • Other wearable devices, like a Garmin watch, which also measure quality & quantity of sleep, heart rate and activity
  • Under Armour’s line of recovery pajamas
  • The {highly recommended} Ooler Chill Pad — a thin mattress cover-like device containing small tubes of water that can be set to temperatures ranging from 55 – 110 degrees F
  • A weighted sleep mask

Chris and I wrap up the segment with a brief discussion about the importance of first tackling all of the other aspects of getting a good night’s sleep BEFORE buying any device. [Be sure to listen to The Sleep Episode and The Sleep Episode (Part II) if you haven’t already].

Before break, I share that Chris and I are now also sourdough baking friends, along with Sally of Real Mom Nutrition. I invite listeners of the show to reach out to me if they’re currently experimenting with sourdough baking during this time of shelter-in-place and let me know what they’re baking. I also remind listeners that I’m posting recipes on my Blog that I don’t talk about on the show and remind them to SUBSCRIBE to be notified of all my new recipes.

I end the show with a brief reveal of how I’m now able to get curly hair that I don’t hate. I’ve been getting lots of compliments about it on Instagram, but all the credit goes to Alexis of Hummusapien. I watched a recent Instastories tutorial she gave about how she gets good curl, that’s not flat and stringy and too curly in others. Her tip has been a game-changer for me! While I’ll likely go back to a good home-blow-out using my beloved hair brush hair dryer, during this time of being home 100% of the time, I’m gonna opt for curly much more often. Lastly, I invite listeners to drop into the Facebook group and share their stay-at-home beauty tips. I’d love to include them in a future episode!

Thanks so much for tuning in this week. Take care. ~Regan

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