no. 61 – The Stories of Elders Episode

greatest generation

Known as “The Greatest Generation,” people born before 1945 witnessed incredible changes throughout their lives, and perhaps most notable were the changes seen in technology. As the years pass quickly by, we are losing more and more members of this generation and with them, the wisdom of what a world looks like untouched by the digital revolution.

Today’s interview with Veronica Kirin, author of Stories of Elders: What The Greatest Generation Knows About Technology That You Don’t, offers discussion and insight into what she learned driving 12,000 miles across the U.S. to interview members of The Greatest Generation about their insights into how technology has changed their lives. In my interview we discuss:

  • why the belief that older generations always avoid technology is wrong
  • how intentionality is a key component of why this generation chooses or chooses not to use a particular technology
  • the social importance to be gained by understanding the perspective of people whose lives largely never involved modern-day tech conveniences

I close out the show with today’s Odds & Ends ending that includes a reminder to listeners of the podcast to visit to check out some of the many recipes I’m posting there on the regular; a brief discussion about the new ability to return Amazon purchases at Kohl’s; and lastly, a discussion of a viral post from Facebook about the pressures of being a working mom.

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