The “Let’s Do This, This Summer” List

Need some new and creative ideas for things to do with kids this summer? Here’s what I’ve got planned.

ideas of things to do with kids this summer


Alrighty, unmillennial friends –

Summer is officially in gear at my house. Kids got out of school last Friday. They were visiting with one of their grandmothers for a few days, which bought me a little bit of time to research things to do with kids this summer. So as of today, mom is swinging into action with some semblance of semi-organization for summer. I’m doing this as much for my own sanity as their benefit. (I talked about this briefly at the end of The Social Skills Episode.)

Below is my list — affectionately known as the “Let’s Do This, This Summer” list — of what I’ve got so far in my brainstorm of how we’re tackling summer.

A couple of notes about the list:

  • The biggest change for my kids this summer is a daily limit (2 hours) on electronics. We’re establishing each night what that 2-hour window is for the next day, based on what our plans are going to be. I’m making a pact with them that if they promise to conform to these hours without protest, I promise to keep those 2 hours interruption free.
  • No electronic time is granted until beds are made, bedrooms are cleaned up and teeth have been brushed for 2 minutes. (My kids had dentist appointments yesterday morning and I decided to be hands-off with their “prep” brushing. They literally went in with gunk all over their teeth. It was disgusting, but it’s the reality of what a bad job they do if I’m not nagging them. It was embarrassing for me, but I believe it was embarrassing for them as well. And THAT was my goal. I assume some boys are fastidious about cleanliness and grooming, but they don’t live at my house apparently.)
  • I’ve been brainstorming a list of stuff we want to do this summer. This is all just random, but I’m sharing it in case it sparks any ideas for you guys. And I would LOVE to hear of any fun ideas you have as well!
  • I know these are lofty plans and that as the summer wanes, I may falter a little. But this is the most *strategic* I’ve been with summer plans ever, so I’m hoping for the best 🙂
  • Some things on this list aren’t exactly “fun.” But that’s life, right? I want my boys to understand that time off doesn’t always equal day/night fun. Some times, being off means you have to seize that time to get important stuff done.

The “Let’s Do This This Summer List”

-Youngest son teaches mom to play chess

-Watch The Brady Bunch on Hulu

-Watch at least one of the Star Wars movies (I referenced the listening order in The Lululemon Episode)

-Watch The Greatest Showman

-Practice golf

-Do a 5K walk at the Savannah Rapids

-Visit Harry Potter Wizarding World while in Orlando

-Do a weekly baking activity

-Take the Authentic Happiness quiz Nadine Briggs mentioned in The Social Skills Episode

-Have kids shampoo/vacuum mom’s car (This is clearly not for fun, but I’m committed to getting back some sort of decency where these kids have wrecked my backseat.)

-Go to the pool. A lot.

Master shoe tying

-Ride bikes

-Read EVERY day

-Weekly board game

-Thrift Store shopping spree

-Make food pantry donations

-Learn to unload/load dishwasher

-Learn podcast/video editing basics (This is my oldest son’s request)

-Make homemade ice cream

-Shell peas (because by golly if I had to do it every summer of my childhood, I want my kids to do it at least once)

-Make a homemade peach cobbler (I feel like as Georgia residents this should be a summer rite of passage)

-Keep a plant alive all summer

-Create a map pinboard of all the places we’ve been together

-Put together a puzzle

-DAILY CHORES (I’m pulling from ideas I read about on Your Modern Family.)

-Be bored (This list is LONG, but I do want my kids to figure out something to do on days when mom needs to get a little work done. I don’t want to be their cruise ship director all summer!)

In addition to the list above, we have Vacation Bible School and a couple of sports-type camps planned. Plus, we have some pretty fun trips planned. We’re going to Orlando (tagging along on a husband work trip), my oldest son is going to fly with me to California for a work trip (I had a free companion ticket that was expiring that weekend if I didn’t use it) and we’re headed back to Alaska with my dad at the very end of summer. (We’ve been twice before. Alaska is like no other place in the U.S. Love it. You can read more about that here on my other site – Healthy Aperture.) My mom has convinced me we should visit the Civil War National Historic Site in Andersonville, GA. My oldest son is a history buff, and she thinks he would really enjoy this.

Whew. Just typing it all up, I’m a little worn out. Fingers crossed. You know what they say about the best-laid plans!

But let me know what you guys think. Comment below or over in the Facebook group. Or leave me a voicemail!   

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