no. 30 – The Thinx Episode

The good, the bad and the laundry -- an honest look at the pros and cons of the period panties, Thinx.

Surely you’ve seen the ads in your Facebook feed. You know the ones — the lady in the unassuming panties with a caption along the lines of “underwear for women who have periods.” Those are Thinx panties and today’s podcast gives a real-life recap of what it’s like to buy, wear and wash them.

In this episode I interview Carla Birnberg — an author, blogger and online content creator, who tried Thinx for herself and quickly realized that someone else in her home might benefit even more from the panties than her, her daughter. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Why she decided to give Thinx panties a try
  • How much they cost
  • How they worked
  • The laundering process
  • How she uses them now
  • How they’ve helped her daughter

To close out the show, I share feedback from another listener of the show who didn’t find Thinx to be the answer to easy periods that they claim to be. I also end the show with a startling look at the risk of a popular social media channel many parents assume is “okay” for their kids —

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  1. Haralee on March 20, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    I never looked into these and loved this interview. Carla your insight is great!!