no. 95 – The Rothy’s Episode

If you’ve never heard of Rothy’s, you’re in for a treat. Today’s episode features friend and frequent show contributor, Deanna Segrave-Daly, here to talk about this cute little shoe brand that’s risen to cult-like devotion. From their clever use of recycled plastic to their high resale value, Rothy’s are more than your average shoe.

Links mentioned in the show:

Rothy’s site:
Get $20 off your first pair:

Facebook groups:
Rothy’s Addicts:
Rothy’s BST (which stands for Buy, Sell, Trade)
Rothy’s Near Retail
Rothy’s Finding Bigfoot (9+ and up)

Connect with today’s guest:

Easy Everyday Mediterranean Cookbook:
Facebook Live:
The Kitchen Mamas Cook-Ins (virtual cooking classes):

From the Odds & Ends Ending, Sally’s Blessing Bags HOW-TO:

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