no. 90 – The Bodyflow Episode

“When your muscles are more flexible they are going to be more efficient in their movement.”

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just someone who wants to be able to get up and down off the floor as you age, this quote from today’s guest sums up one of the main reasons people need to incorporate exercise that enhances flexibility.

Joining me in today’s episode is Amanda Gyves — a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hr Certified yoga teacher, and one of my local Bodyflow® instructors. In the show, we discuss how Bodyflow is so much more than just a flexibility class and everything you need to need about Bodyflow before you go. We also discuss:

  • How she got started teaching Bodyflow
  • How Bodyflow is different from yoga
  • How the music in Bodyflow is different from the music often played in yoga
  • Why Bodyflow (and yoga as well) are a crucial part of maintaining flexibility both as we age and as a counter-balance to our daily lives and training schedules
  • How difficult is Bodyflow
  • How often someone should take a Bodyflow or similar yoga class

In the commercial break of this episode, I’m previewing a little bit about my new Fasting + Food program that I developed with Danielle Omar, MS, RD. Fasting + Food is a 4-day food-assisted fast and metabolic reset. To learn more about it, visit, where you can also download a FREE GUIDE to Fasting for Longevity.

To wrap up today’s episode, I discuss why I’ve decided to stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets. And I detail what I’m using instead — loohoo wool dryer balls.

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