no. 54 – The Diastasis Recti Episode

woman with diastasis recti

A little sprinkle when you sneeze, a “mummy tummy” that doesn’t go away long after you’ve given birth or even worse all may be the symptoms of a seldom-discussed but quite common condition known as Diastasis Recti.

In this episode with Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team we discuss:

  • a brief anatomy lesson on the muscles that make up the abdomen
  • the definition of “Diastasis Recti”
  • how common “mom postures” worsen the condition
  • why “ab exercises” aren’t the best approach to rehab after pregnancy
  • the importance of functional core strength and neutral pelvic alignment for overall health
  • the reality that it’s never too late for a woman to work on improving functional core strength
  • the high rate of success The Tummy Team has with improving women’s symptoms related to Diastasis Recti 
  • the resources Kelly’s team offers at — including free resources, online programs/courses and more

I close out the show with a detailed follow-up to a topic I’ve talked about before — my at-home self-tanning routine. I received tons of questions recently on Instagram after posting a quick picture of my Maxi-Mist spray tan machine and am answering those questions in this segment. I discuss:

  • where I tan
  • who sprays my tan on
  • what brand of spray tan liquid I use
  • the imperfections of spray-tanning at home
  • my current face tanning regimen and why I haven’t yet listed it on the Cool Stuff page

THANK YOU for your support and for sharing this podcast. There are a ton more great episodes in line for the remainder of Season 2. I look forward to bringing a new episode to you next week. ~Regan

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